Pilots: Why fly with us?

Our team is comprised of Aviation leaders and enthusiasts who share a common passion to work and fly Smarter.  

Ideals which steer our culture are comradery, flexibility, innate curiosity, drive, pursuit of excellence and meaningful care for one another.  

We manifest what matters, and we've been listening. 

In our ever-changing world facing times like no other, what we offer above the rest is simple: safety, service, convenience and reliability. 

Blue Waters Connect Career Path


Waltzing Matilda Aviation, the operator of the Connect Airlines brand, offers a pilot a credible path to competitive non-regional jet pay and balanced quality of life.   

  • UHC national provided health  coverage

  • Vision and dental insurance options available 

  • Short and long term disability options, plus life insurance 

  • Matching 401k up to 5% of salary 

  • Profit Sharing up to 10% of salary 

  • Uniform allowance

Mountains Smarter Benefits Image by Rohit Tandon


Insurance premiums are company paid up to $1500 a month, so that Pilots can choose what makes the most sense for them and their families.

Skyscrapers Smarter Schedules


Most lines of flying are based upon a 4 on, 3 off schedule with overnights often in the pilot’s home base.

  • Pilot bases 

    • Philadelphia (PHL)

    • Chicago (ORD)

  • Connect pilots receive $1500 a month tax free to offset commuting expenses to and from their assigned pilot base.

Baseline Bonus

  • $24,000 signing and retention bonus

    • $8,000 at completion of IOE (proficiency check for initial cadre pilots) 

    • $8,000 at 9 months service

    • $8,000 at 12 months service

  • $24,000 Year 2 retention bonus

    • $12,000 at 18 months service

    • $12,000 at 24 months service

  • $24,000 Year 3 retention bonus

    • $12,000 at 30 months service

    • $12,000 at 36 months service

*baseline for all Pilots

Image by Avel Chuklanov


Reflecting today’s high pilot demand reality, Connect is offering significant cash bonuses to attract and retain pilots.  

When you do the math, you will find Connect offers the smartest financial choice, both in the short and long term. 

Captain Bonus

  • Direct Entry Captain bonuses

    • $2,500/month signing bonus for 12 months following completion of IOE

    • + $1,067/month for 12 months if prior Dash 8 rated 

    • + $30k at Year 1 anniversary of IOE

    • + $24k retention bonus at Year 2 and Year 3 anniversary of IOE

  • Near Hour Captain bonus

    • $1,875/month signing bonus for 12 months at completion of IOE

    • + $22.5k at 1 year anniversary of IOE

    • + $20k for Dash 8 rated 

    • + $24k retention bonus at Year 2 and Year 3 anniversary of IOE

*Near Hour Captain defined as a pilot who is above ATP minimum and with 800-1000 hours of 121 or 135 time