Our Aircraft

Q-400 Noise

Our cabin is designed for reduced noise and vibration to improve the passenger experience 

  • The aircraft is equipped with the “Active Noise & Vibration Suppression” system (ANVS) 

    • The system works like noise-canceling headsets, making our cabin as quiet as the popular jet aircraft operating today 

    • Includes computer activated tuned vibration absorbers which provide out-of-phase counter vibration 

  • Advanced propeller electronic control for precision synchrophasing and reduced noise 

  • System is supplemented by passive noise & vibration reduction from “soft-mounted” bins, acoustic curtains, etc 

Our aircraft is one of the quietest commercial airliners in operation today (Outside Noise) 

  • The Dash 8-400 is the only regional aircraft certified to ICAO Chapter 14, the most stringent noise emission standards 

Dash 8-400 has 50% less noise on take off compared to re-engined jet
GreenJet Interior
GreenJet interior cabin shot

Cabin Size

The Dash 8-400 has a taller, WIDER CABIN with a flat floor and true business class seating.

ERJ 145 size dimensions compared to Dash 8-400 cabin size


Turboprops are the more modern and smarter version of the jet engine.  Our aircraft uses the same turbine technology as a jet but replaces an internal turbofan with an external propeller.  On our short regional flights our turboprop aircraft is simply the Smarter technology and choice. 

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