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About Us

Connect Airlines

Our team is comprised of Aviation leaders and enthusiasts who share a common passion - to work and fly Smarter. Ideals which steer our culture are comradery, flexibility, drive, excellence, and meaningful care for one another. We manifest what matters, and we've been listening. In our ever-changing world facing times like no other, what we offer above the rest is simple: Safety, Service, Convenience and Reliability. Our founding team has over 150+ collective years of airline experience and have come together to launch a smarter airline, Connect.


Creating a new airline in a landscape with a lot of players means we can do things a bit differently than others. So we studied the routes, researched aircraft, and spoke to business travelers. We walked through airports, went through customs, and flew on other planes.


This first-hand experience, along with a lot of time in the airline industry, inspired a Smarter way of doing things. We understand business travelers want a premium experience, so we built premium economy into our offering. We recognize that travelers need to get to more places, so we are partnering with other airlines. We realize the Dash-8-400 is a more environmentally friendly and comfortable aircraft, so we’re using a fleet of them. Being a new player in a crowded market means we can do things a little bit better and well, smarter. That’s because we believe there’s a smarter way to fly. And everything we do now and in the future will be guided by this belief.


Connect Airlines is the brand for Waltzing Matilda Aviation LLC’s (WMA) proposed scheduled 121 operation (flag, domestic scheduled, domestic unscheduled).  WMA brings together a group of aviation professionals with a passion to make aviation – whatever form – commercial or corporate – the best experience possible.  We are currently an FAA licensed Part 135 private jet charter operator based out of Bedford, MA. 

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Waltzing Matilda Aviation will continue its amazing growth as a private jet charter (US 135) operator from its base at Bedford (Boston), MA.

Waltzing Matilda Charter Jet
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