Our Fleet

In the golden age of travel, an airline’s fleet had meaning. It represented a carrier’s care and consideration for its guests.  Unfortunately, the glamour of commercial air travel has long passed, airlines sacrificed comfort for cost.  


As a division of Waltzing Matilda Aviation, a leader in private jet travel, we started with the premise of how could we provide a private jet experience in commercial travel?  And the answer is yes. Our aircraft provides a larger, quieter cabin with premium comfortable seating, all at a lower cost than the regional jets it replaces. 

Connect GreenJet in air

The De Havilland Q-400

Connect’s aircraft is the Smarter aircraft for short flights vs the regional jets it replaces.  Our aircraft combines more comfort with reduced CO2 emissions, and it does this without sacrificing total travel time. 

We are Connect,
a Smarter airline for our passengers with
comfortablecleancalm, and connected aircraft. 

Q-400 cabin interior
interior of GreenJet


Our cabin offers a more comfortable experience with a taller, wider cabin and more legroom. 


Our aircraft filtration system makes your air cleaner, fresher, and fights germs to keep you healthy and safe. 

Cabin Air is refreshed every 3-4 minutes and HEPA filter removes 99.98% particulates
Child Asleep on Airplane


Using the Active Noise and Vibration Suppression System, passengers can enjoy a quieter cabin.


Our flights connect you from smaller convenient airports to larger connecting hubs. 

GreenJet exterior