Creating a new airline in a landscape with a lot of players means we can do things a bit differently. Connect Airlines is on the leading edge of smarter, greener travel with zero-emissions and zero carbon technology adoption. With the planes we fly, the technology we use, and the operations we run, Connect will deliver a Smarter, quieter, and more sustainable travel experience. 


While others dream and make promises, Connect’s Project Zero provides a tangible plan from reduced to zero-emissions commercial air travel. 

Project Zero a plan to reduce to zero-emissions commercial air travel.
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Pre-COVID, over 150 million passengers flew annually on high carbon emitting regional jets in the US. eVTOLs cannot adequately address this market like an FAA certified airline can.  

Connect’s greener business model disrupts regional air travel while aligned with the largest industry players. 

Fewer Emissions

Using the De Havilland Q400 turboprop aircraft, Connect will use significantly less fuel translating into 35% lower CO2 emissions versus regional jets and 50% lower CO2 emissions versus narrow-body jets. 

Reduced Noise Footprint

The aircraft is certified to meet the latest Stage 5 noise standards. It not only provides a quieter cabin on the inside for passengers but on the outside for our airport neighbors resulting in 50% less noise on take-off vs jets.

Efficient Cabins

With lower total CO2 emissions than the regional aircraft it replaces. Our cabins add up to 50% more seats, reducing each passenger's carbon footprint.  

Advanced Technology

Using the latest technology onboard will put Connect Airlines at the forefront of smarter, greener flying.

By tracking our emissions in real time, Connect actively manages fuel consumption resulting in more environmentally sustainable travel. 

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Connect Airlines has committed to reducing emissions today and eliminating all CO2 emissions in the future, making us the first zero-emission American airline.  


Connect Airlines, a division of Waltzing Matilda Aviation, has partnered with Universal Hydrogen to bring zero-emissions electric propulsion with high energy density and low weight hydrogen to scheduled air travel. It is one of many sustainability initiatives that recognizes and respects the world we live in today and keeps us focused on delivering a quieter, cleaner, and healthier travel experience for everyone.

We look forward to flying with you.  


Connect, the future of smarter, greener travel.